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The YEPP U series is a famous line of USB key MP3 players made by Samsung and introduced in 2005 with the YP-U1. Samsung used to release a new device every year. Only the YP-U7 was released two years after the U6. It is unofficially possible to install a MSC firmware on a MTP YP-U3 but then the RDS support. Samsung. , . Accessorize your smart phone with everything from batteries to cases.

YP-U3. Edit Product model. Search. Search Support. Search. No data. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT. TYPE YOUR MODEL NUMBER. Search. Enter model. keymatik@mail.ru. MP3 Samsung YP-U3 : - Before upgrade process, please check your battery status. : x-proshivki.ru keymatik@mail.ru. You can not access removable Disk (YP-U3). 2. Solution. A. General F/W Upgrade. B. Recovery F/W Upgrade (DFU Upgrade). -. Firmware has damage or work. Uploader Notes. This is a driver for Samsung YP-U3 removable USB player(flash disk). I found it in my Windows XP library, because it wasn't in some others Win. The UMS firmware will change your Samsung U3 so it is recognised as a Select Safely Remove Hardware and remove the YP-U3 from the. YP-U3. How to upgrade the firmware for the (EU, FR, US) version. Select guide for U3 System folder. If you can't see system folder on U3, then check guide.

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