Monox social network, 2013

Edited May 19 '09 at 23:16 . Free, but not open source: MonoX. . Many basic social network infrastructures exist online, you simply MonoX provides tools for quick and intuitive construction of dynamic and fully editable ASP.NET portals, social networks and similar Web applications. For more. User interface of our content management and social networking platform.

Therefore, depending on the target functionality, we have used different development approaches and methodologies. MonoX social networking framework was. I'm also in search for a net solution that supports many of today's standard social features. MonoX - Community Server. An easy-to-use and fully customizable content management and social networking platform for building powerful online communities. MonoX is a free ASP.NET content management system (CMS) and social networking platform. It provides advanced tools for development of powerful

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